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Though I haven’t written in some time, I wanted to take this opportunity – Earth Day – to draw attention to a mounting socio-environmental problem: feeding the world.

Few of us can conceptualize the enormous resources involved in feeding not just ourselves, but the animals we consume (yep, they have to eat too). And the challenge is only growing: by 2050, the global population will reach an estimated nine billion people. National Geographic’s gorgeous article depicts the challenge in layman’s terms while also proposing viable, tangible solutions.

So (without being too corny) this Earth Day, let’s all make a commitment to do our part and embrace the five steps laid out by Nat Geo. Let’s honor the food on our tables and celebrate the farmers – large and small – around the world who sustain us and will feed the next generation.

Happy Earth Day!

Nat Geo Image
Photo by National Geographic by George Steinmetz