While wandering the trails of Montana, I was enchanted by the tiny little plants dotting the scenery. Beneath those huge trees and even taller mountains were teensy ferns, precious tufts of moss, and little sweet flowers. The perfect placement of each plant reminded me of a very valuable landscaping lesson: chose your plants to suit your surroundings rather than making your surroundings suit your plants choices.

For example, grass is not your friend if you have a shady, dark backyard. Look for other ground cover, like ivy, or hostas, or even moss, that will thrive without sun. Likewise, if you live in a humid, damp environment, steer clear of plants that will rot with too much moisture, like succulents.

Remember, there is more to plants that meets the eye. Beneath the soil is a network of roots and fungi and organisms all relying on each other to maintain the integrity of your garden. Though some plants can survive in any conditions, the best way to create a healthy, thriving garden is to chose native plants that grow naturally together amd require the same growing conditions.

Now, plant away.