There is so much to do during summer. Everyday is an adventure in the sun. As we bustle from beach to picnic to outdoor movie, we often forget to stop and look at the beauty around us. So, to help us remember to pause and observe, I’m starting a new series discussing the plants we see everyday.

I’m beginning with Agastache foeniculum, known to us common folk as anise hyssop. Native to North Central U.S. and Canada and hardy to zones 4 – 8, this common herb blooms from June – September. Anise hyssop has lavender flowers that are a good source of nectar for pollinators. The leaves smell of – wait for it – anise and are oval shaped with toothed margins.

Anise hyssop is a clump forming perennial that prefers full sun to part shade. It does best in average, well-draining soil with dry to medium moisture. Propagate from seed or division.