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While savoring my latkes, I started wondering why I didn’t enjoy them year round. After all, Hanukkah only rolls around once every twelve months but delicious potato pancakes go with nearly every meal. Make a large batch and eat some for breakfast the next day.

4 large potatoes (russet, yukon gold, or another brown skinned potato), peeled and grated
1 large yellow onion, also grated
1egg beaten
1 teaspoon of salt
2 teaspoons of flour
Vegetable oil for frying
Several tablespoons chopped chives
Sour cream for serving

1. Place grated potatoes in bowl of water while preparing other ingredients.

2. When onion is grated, drain water from potatoes. Add onion to bowl and squeeze out excess water with cheese cloth or paper towels.

3. Combine eggs, flour and seasonings to potato and onion mixture. Add additional flour if mixture is not sticking together. Drain excess liquid again.

4. Heat oil in skillet over medium high flame. Use approximately 2 tablespoons oil per latke.

5. When oil is shimmering, form potato mixture into pancaks, using about 3-4 tablespoons of mixture per pancake.

6. Fry pancakes til golden brown on each side, adding additional oil to pan as needed. Do not crowd pancakes in pan.

7. Drain pancakes on paper towels then keep warm in oven til ready to serve.

8. Garnish with sour cream or applesauce and serve.